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What Do You Need?

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Tax Preparation

Business Meeting


Actionable Information to Achieve Your Goals 

We will  turn your data into actionable information that allows you make changes necessary to accomplish your goals.  Your financial information can be the foundation used to easily identify what makes your business successful and what areas need your focus.  

Financial Adviser

We can provide strategic direction, industry specific benchmarks & metrics to help your company achieve its goals.

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We can help you manage your back office or we can take care of the day to day  processes so you can focus on running the business:

  • Payroll - we offer time tracking solutions and can integrate payroll with your general ledger eliminating the need for additional payroll entries 

  • Accounts Payable - we can eliminate the headache of process payables and ensure that you receive all of the discounts available

  • Accounts Receivable - are you being paid on time?  As a receivable ages the chances of collecting are diminished by the day - let us help keep your receivables current and paid 

  • Account Reconciliations - we provide timely reconciliation of your accounts so you always know exactly where your finances stand

When it comes to day to day processes, rely on us. 

Analysing Data


Preparing Financial Statements 

We will  set up your financial reports so your can easily identify what makes your business successful and what areas need your focus.

Internal Controls

Concrete internal controls are key to protecting your business assets and providing accurate information.  We will develop internal controls customized to your business that provide a balance of effective controls that are not oppressive to you business.

Journal Entries

Depreciation, amortization, and other adjusting entries are necessary to ensure you have accurate data when making decisions.  


If your company needs an audit or review we can prepare the necessary information required by your external auditor.

Real Property businesses and investors have tax benefits that are not available to others.  If you are not set up to take  advantage of all available tax breaks we will advise you on the necessary changes.  We make sure you receive all of the tax advantages available to you under the current tax law. We will be your tax accountant when you are making decisions throughout the year, not just at tax time.

Do you materially participate in running your rental property?  If you do, it can make a difference come tax time.  Find out by reviewing our Participation Test page or contact us and we help you make the determination.

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Property Value Analysis

Are you looking at investing in single family or multi-family properties?  We can run an analysis to show cash flows, cash on cash returns and internal rate of returns.  Make sure your investments will provide the return necessary to be a good investment.


Are you interested in investing in single family or multi-family properties, but don't know where to start?  We can put you in touch with experts that can help you get started.

Sticky notes of monthly expenses and a c

Property Bookkeeping & Financials

For those investors who plan on managing their own properties we can eliminate the day to day booking headache.  We provide alerts at each step in the collection process to ensure you collect all of the rents that are due.  We track each unit and property individually and provide individual and summary reports so you can see exactly how your properties are performing.  At the end of the year we provide everything necessary to file the appropriate tax returns.

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